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K-12 Academics

Give your child the academic advantage they deserve.

Happy teacher teaching her two students inside the school

We offer a variety of individually tailored, grade & Subject specific
programs delivered by State certified Educators in all academic disciplines.

Our Academic Programs are available through one or a combination of the options below:

Option 1-We administer a comprehensive diagnostic assessment to each student. Our Certified teachers then use the results of the diagnostic assessment to design a curriculum specific to the students’ strengths and weaknesses with the goal of closing any academic gaps identified by the assessment.

Option 2-Our Certified teachers work parallel with the material your child is covering in school to reinforce and reteach concepts when necessary. In the event that your child has achieved complete mastery of the concept(s) currently being covered in school , your child’s tutor will move them onto a new concept giving them the advantage of prior knowledge in the classroom.

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Give your child the academic advantage they deserve.